My Subway mission field

  So after reading this blog last week, it was really weighing on me about being more bold in inviting people to church.  I have never understood why it's so difficult.  Even when I worked at the church it was hard for me.  And you would think as a pastors wife this stuff like runs in my veins, but surprise...pastor's wives aren't perfect!! SHOCKER!

Yesterday I was at Subway getting dinner for Brook and I before Switch like I do most wednesdays. I frequent the Subway around the corner from the church because it's so quick and easy.  There is a sweet girl that works there and I always enjoy seeing.  I had on a shirt and when she sees this her eyes get all big with an excited look on her face and she says:


Why yes I do. 

She goes on to tell me that she's really been wanted to start coming.  Well naturally this strikes up conversation with the entire Subway about LifeChurch.  Well...maybe not naturally but this is possible the slowest Subway in the history of the world and for once it was a good thing they are slow sandwich makers. So it was cool to share about my church with them.  And why shouldn't I? I'm very proud of it!

Anyway, the girl's name is Liz and she's really been on my heart today.  I want to make an effort to make sure she gets connected in church.  I want her to be accepted and loved.  This also got me to thinking. Sometimes I take this for granted.  I have it so easy.  I am the Worship Pastor's wife, everyone knows who I am.  Ok...that's mostly a lie.  Most people are probably thinking "who is that crazy girl following Brook around like a little lost puppy".  But the point is, people typically accept Brook & I and want to be a part of our lives because of our involvement in the ministry (either that or they stay far far away!).  But I never have to worry about going to church and no one saying hi to me or loving me.  I never want this to happen to people who come to visit! (And I should know it doesn't because of our studly host team!!)

Moral of the story is...  Sometimes your mission field can really suprise you, so always be prepared.


SHARE TIME (and I'm curious):

Who can you reach out to and make them feel welcome & loved?

What are some unquie ways you invite people to church?

What is your mission field?