Five Month Recap


Today Brook and I have officially been married for 5 months. 

Somehow it seems like 5 years, and completely in a good way. 


 Some things I've learned in the first 5 months of marriage: 1) Communication is key 2) Boys don't know how to make a bed 3) My husband puts me above everything in his life (2nd to Christ) & I am called to do the same 4) It's not always going to be easy...but it's always easier together 5) To always support him & tell him how proud I am of him

Some tough stuff we've been through: 1) Bad job situations 2) Finding new jobs 3) Death 4) Testing of our patience 5) Birth Control

Some great joys we've experienced: 1) Engagements/Marriages of brothers & sisters 2) Road trips & vacations together 3) "Fun stuff"   4) Living & learning together! 5) Pushing each other to pursue our dreams

"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with JOY!" Psalm 126:3