Having a proud moment

I just wanted to brag on my husband a little today.  I'm proud of him everyday, but somedays outshine others and I feel like I'm bursting with proud-ness.  Today, our church hosted a deployment party for the 56th Brigade at the Naval Base here in Fort Worth.  Our lifegroups are teaming up with the families there who's loved ones are going to Iraq.  Now I am thankful that I don't even have to think about what it would be like to watch my husband go halfway across the world and fight for our country, but then I realized he's doing that right here in Fort Worth, TX.   Hearing people talk about Brook and they way he has impacted their lives through Worship, makes me realize he is a solider every week when he gets on the "front lines" of our campus to lead people to Christ. I know he would argue that it's no where as cool as wearing camo and playing with guns, but in my mind it's just as important (and quite a bit safer!)   

I'm so proud to watch him give it his all, sing a TON of songs, play in the 105 degree Texas sun with NO shade, and never complain once.  Oh, and he also lead all morning at church! He's pretty much my hero and I daily learn from him how to be a solider for Christ and do "and then some" to help the people who are truly in need.

Proud of you baby.